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Waton : BMS (Battery Monitoring System)

WATON is Korea’s first battery quality diagnostic company.

Waton Inc, specialized in emergency power technologies, has grown up under the philosophy of
“best services to the customers”, according to the development of Korean industrial field in power supplies and battery diagnosis since its creation in 1984.

Waton provides you total solutions of eco-friendly power supplies and battery diagnostic products that meet all needs of customers interested in emergency power supply systems, and is driving innovation in battery management solutions with power monitoring technology for next-generation.

Presently, we are manufacturing portable battery tester and battery monitoring system. Major customers are telecom & utility companies, industrials, battery and UPS manufacturers. Waton exports BMS successfully to USA, China, Turkey, England, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia and others.

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Flamonitec BFI - Flame Monitoring


Flame monitoring for power plants

BFI Automation supplies the appropriate flame monitoring systems for all fuels and fuel combinations. Systems from the Flamonitec 3000 series as well as from the Flamonitec compact flame controller series CFCx000 or CFCx00 are used for this purpose.

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