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Condenser / Heat Exchanger

Non-Destructive Testing Eddy Current Testing
Helium Leak Detection
Condenser Retubing
Condenser Tube Cleaning

HERKINGS CORPORATION ( a member of PISAS Inc. Group) has been offering condenser tube cleaning service since 20015 starting with a contract to clean a Combined Cycle Power Plant. Herkings appointment as Philippine Exclusive agent of CONCO Systems U.S.A. in 2007 introduces to the Philippine Power Industry the Conco's expertise in the Condenser/Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning using its Conco Bullet Cleaning System and its patented Trufit Bullet Cleaners. HERKINGS/Conco clients include AES Masinloc Power Plant, Sem-Calaca Power Plant, TEaM Sual Power Plant, Sta. Rita Power Plant and Quezon Covanta Power Plant.

The HERKINGS CORPORATION Condenser/Heat Exchanger services expand to include SF6 and Helium Leak Detection Services and Eddy Current Services.

HERKINGS also was able to solve severe and hard heat exchanger tube clogging problem by using Conco's Hydrodrilling Technology. The clogged heat exchanger has been seating idle for several years because of severe clogging (80% clogged). Numerous cleaning system including high-pressure water washing (Hydrojetting) were tried but failed.

Conco Trufit
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