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What Do We Have In 
Hana Weltech

Our specialized and well-experienced engineering teams are determined problem solvers of high-temperature, abrasion, erosion and corrosion. We provide efficient solutions improving our customer's performance and life-cycle  costs with practical applications. 

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Our Technologies


  1. Coal Burner Nozzle Tip

  2. Super Heater Tube

  3. CFB Boiler Air Nozzle

  4. Electro-Clad Plate

HANA WELTECH’s Vacuum Cladding Furnace.png
Boiler Tube in-Situ Coating Service (HVOF).png

Thermal Spray

  1. Water Wall Tube

  2. Super Heater Tube

  3. Biomass Super-Heater Tube

Weld Hardfacing

  1. Wear Plate

  2. Roll Tire/Table Liner

  3. Hydraulic Roller Crusher

Wear Plate.png

Ceramic Technology

  1. Coal Burner Nozzle Tip

  2. Boiler Castable

  3. Pipe Elbow Lining

Wear & High Temperature
Ceramix-1 / Ceramix-Cast / Ceramix-Liner

Chemical Composition

Wear Resistance


  • Chutes

  • Hoppers

  • Internal Pipe Lining

  • Joint seal between cast blocks

  • Wall Lining

Our Market

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