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Design, Supply, Rental & Install Services Using Rapid-Lok Scaffold System

RAPID-LOK SYSTEM - Is a unique node point connection that allows up to 4 horizontal members to be connected to a vertical member in one single action without the use of nuts or bolts or wedges. The locking device is formed by 2 cups. Single node point action of unique locking make Rapid-Lok fast, a versatile and optimized system of scaffolding for construction, demolition, and maintenance.

In the Philippines, the first to adopt the Rapid-Lok system is the power industry in the erection of scaffolding inside the boiler enabling them to save and recover the cost of their customized Rapid-Lok system of scaffolding in just one (1) use.

HERKINGS CORPORATION ( a member of PISAS Inc. Group) is one of the pioneers in this system and the first to have in-house design and fabrication services for customized boiler scaffolding system.

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